Tabula Lingua

Behavioral Intelligence from Natural Language

Tabula Lingua is an Austin-based startup working with linguistic algorithms that help companies and organizations find valuable behavioral intelligence in textual data.

Our work began with a curiosity. We had seen technology that can detect and quantify facial expressions, vocal inflections, and changes in biological markers. But what about text? Can we tell how a person is relating to what they are speaking or writing about just from the text itself?

What we found is that there is a large amount of academic and intellectual work exploring the links between language and things like physiology, behavior, and emotion. But we couldn’t find an example of software that took this approach.

Analyzing text

Over the last decade, we have developed and refined an original, patented model that maps language to underlying cognitive and behavioral patterns. And we have developed the mathematics and algorithms to find those patterns in text. Using our technology, we can begin to detect things like engagement, drive, confusion, or insecurity. We can see when the author is either scattered or consistent. We can look at the behavioral ebb and flow within a single piece of text or compare documents within a context.

We have worked with forensics experts, law firms, corporate executives, and marketers. Driven by curiosity, we are currently exploring finance, online review management, and the languages of addiction and suicide. We’re always looking for new ideas to explore.

Curious? We’d love to hear from you.